Cat Personality Traits

Your Cat’s Personality has more to it than you think!

Today I came across and interesting article by Karen Brulliard in the Washington Post about a study on Cat personality traits. This particular study was done in the south of Australia.  To long time cat guardians the results of this study probably will not come as a much of a surprise.

The study concluded that the personality of a cat is a mixture of differing amounts of 5 key traits:

  1. SkittishnessFunny Tabby Kitten
  2. Outgoingness
  3. Dominance
  4. Spontaneity
  5. Friendliness

The study also shows that some traits are more likely in younger cats (like Spontaneity) and others in older cats (like Dominance).

To read the full article follow this link: Your Cat is Deeper than you think

To build on this, long time cat guardians realize and recognize very early on what their cat’s personality is.

Skittish, Friendly, Curious, Confident, to name a few which certainly fits along with those 5 traits.

I have had one cat where when she is alone to be queen kitty in the house she has complete confidence.  She plays, she eats more, wants more attention, and is just cute as a button.  At nearly 12 years old now she will play like a kitten. On the other hand, if another more dominate animal is around, she goes into a shell of a sort.  She just doesn’t want to deal with the other animal so she keeps to herself, doesn’t eat as well, and eventually starts to lash out at the other animal (though that happens almost a year down the road) even if the other animal has paid no attention to her.

Once they decide you are part of the family and when they are feeling confident you can really see them blossom and come alive.  They are like that friend we is reserved in meetings, or in large gatherings, but get them out where they feel confident and comfortable, all of a sudden a part of their personality you never knew was there comes out and it’s usually awesome.

Also, like dogs, each breed comes with their own personality.  The Abyssinian cat is ranks very high in curiosity, playfulness, and intelligence.  Domestic Short Hairs (Your typical Tabby) are also intelligent, talkative, hunters, definitely a dominant cat that likes attention when they want it.  The American Curl will be playful for their entire life, long after most other breeds start to prefer relaxing, love being held and cuddled with and actually are very good with kids.  The Ragdoll literally goes limp when it is handled, like a rag doll.

So when deciding on a new cat for the house, keep in mind that they really do have very unique personalities that should be considered, just as much as dogs, and in some ways need to be considered even more carefully.  Once you discover your cat’s unique personality I challenge you to introduce them to someone who feels that cats have no personality or are just ‘statues’.  Really it’s just that they don’t know that person and they are probably just considering whether they want to solicit attention from them or not.

Celebrate your cat’s unique personality and you will find yourself covered in their love and affection!Black Cat Silhouette

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  1. Judy

    This is a good summary of basic cat personalities..they are all so different..and very different in various situations.. just like people.. I recognize the Queen Kitty in the introduction.

    1. Bethany (Post author)

      Yeah, I certainly have plenty of examples from both past and present cats. 🙂


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