Jackson Galaxy, the Cat Daddy, and Catification!

Jackson Galaxy, the Cat Daddy, and Catification!

It has been only very recently that cats have come to the for front of American homes.  With many more apartment and condo dwellers many people are taking more to cats than to dogs and some surveys show that cats as pets may have even surpassed dogs!  A big leader in this movement on how to understand and connect with our cats has been Jackson Galaxy.  He is the star of the show: My Cat from Hell where he travels around the country helping families who are in a last resort situation looking for help so both the human guardians and their felines can be happy.

Jackson Galaxy Snip

He has been a one man show with the help of excellent animal behaviorists and designers to help people better understand their cats and get all involved to a much more happy, loving, and bonded experience.

It is his mission to spread that any cat can be an indoor only cat, maybe with a secure catio or even walks on a leash as needed, so long as their environment provides what they need for exercise, stimulation and security.

His book: Catification is an excellent resource to help you learn how to read your cat’s language, what kind of cat you have (Floor, bush, or tree dweller) and excellent examples that people did in their homes that was relatively inexpensive as a DYI sort of project to either build catios or ‘catify’ their homes.

I have yet to read his most recent book: Catify to Satisfy featuring all new ideas and amazing examples of what people have done with their homes. Also featured is his co-author & designer Kate Benjamin.

I also look forward to reading his story: Cat Daddy: How One Very Special Cat Fixed One Very Broken Man.  While I have heard most of his story of how he realized his connection with cats and got into cat behavior, I hope the book will tell even more.

You can also find blogs and videos that he has posted on Google Plus and facebook addressing many cat behavior problems so you can try to solve it on your own and you can even try to reach out to him.

Here is a direct link to his website: Jackson Galaxy – Cat Daddy

I will continue to update this page as I dig into more of his products and books!

Images are from the Jackson Galaxy Website.