About Me

Hello World!  I am Bethany and pleased to meet you!


I am currently living in Seattle, WA where I met my husband shortly after moving here in 2014. My home town is San Diego, CA where I was for 11 years starting from attendance at UC San Diego for my degree in structural engineeing and begining my career in construction project managment. I was born and raised in Southern California and though I did not move around a lot there is scarcely a town you can name east or south of Los Angeles in California that I have not heard of.

I have had cats all of my life. Mostly raising them up from kittens, I have always had a passion and fodness and with every cat it just gets better and better.  All my fur babies have been a part of my family and I recognize that they all have their own individual personalities and have found that I can influence those personallities for the better with the correct care and training. Much of what you will see on this site will come from that experience, but will be backed up with additional sources and resources as much as I am able.

My goal is to help you not have to take a lifetime to undersand your cat.  I will offer up kife lessons, behavorial issues, and even product reviews to help you connect with your car and have a healthy and happy cat companion.

I am always open to learning so if you see anything you have a different persepective on it, please feel free to comment and I’ll happiliy look into it to fill in the gaps. I hope you enjoy the site and find some helpful information to help you with your feline.  Need some help?  Post in the comments section of any post and I’ll do my best to get to your topic.

Life, Love and Cats!